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very cool.

Always a pleasure to watch your work. The hand was a great move and the Jazz music is pretty cool also. Remember back when you made a Pencilmation and you finished it with having the pen instead of the pencil and then the little stick-man took the pen and you got out the big black texta? Well a follow on from that? yes, i would like to see that.
However i know you can't please everyone.

well done though in making it so far and a number 10 will have to be longer. As it's a double digit and at all points eg: 10, 20, 30 and so on, needs a special one:-)


Very funny. Made me laugh. I do like the cat's little moew noise. Funny.


For a first, it's very good work.

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It's a good game to play although you should have some of the guns locked ans slowly open more guns through each level you unlock. So level one should have say up to the "flak gun" unlocked. Don't show what the other guns are untill you beat the first level. Then when the first level is beaten. A screen could say " congratulations, you have beaten the first level and unlocked the "plasma gun" and then you beat the second level and at the end of that level it might say " congratulations, you have beaten the second level and unlocked the " missile tower". and so on. So you need to have about 20 towers to unlock instead of the 8 you only have. Also maybe on the first level you can only upgrade towers once and the second level can let you upgrade the towers 3 times. and wait till about level 4 and you can upgrade towers 4 times. So you need to have a good upgrading system that can upgrade 4 times.

So that's my little peace. But it is a good starter and the functions of the guns are nice and look good too.


2 hours

took 2 hours for me to beat the game. Pretty good game. I had fun beating it.


I got 968 and finished the game. nice game. would be good thogh, when you get advanced up more levels you get more guns.

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I rated high. it sounded really nice. Only thing though. Did you have tecno in that? I didn't seem to hear it. I heard a beat of some sort but not the tecno.

Catstuffer responds:

it does have a bass kick and a drum loop in there that is technoish... but its not hardcore or anything lol, but thatnk for the review!


it's good. I am just into a bit of the faster side of tecno. but it's good.

love it all the way

easy 5/5 and 10/10. nice tunes. love the song.

I am Gary, 28 years of age. I'm a christian. I skateboard when i can. Come online when i can. I guess im a big kid at times. I love my movies and my games.

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